Diabetes- the alternative approach to treatment

Diabetes is a disturbance both energetically and toxin depositions in the digestive system and endocrine system: Liver, Spleen Pancreas and adrenal glands.

It has been my experience that often cataract formation with subsequent vision impairment accompanies the diabetic condition. This is due to the disturbed energy relationship of the stomach to the cornea of the eye (outer clear layer of the eye) and the liver to the lens (the most common site of cataract formation). Therefore cataract treatment should also include animal patient detoxification, natural foods, and support and strengthening of liver and stomach organs. Please see my Newsletter #24 Diabetes in your Pet". Cataract treatment should also include my homeopathic " Cataracts:"Moon Blindness"(Equine) "Bue Eye" (Dogs and Cats) 3 Bottle Set"

My 1,2,3,4 program for any illness is:


1. stop feeding non-nutritional, chemically laden commercial pet food. Switch to freshly prepared home made diets as outlined in my Newsletter #4 "Your Pet's Diet".

2. Stop all exposures to drugs, chemicals, pest-control chemicals, and vaccinations.

3. Detoxify, Detoxify , Detoxify your pet of all chemicals, drugs, and vaccines by purchasing and giving my homeopathies: Detox 15x, Detox 30c and Detox 60c ( a series of 3 bottles of sequential treatment over a 3 months period) and the nosodes for your animals past vaccinations ( Dog nosode 30c, Cat nosode 30c and Rabies Nosode 30c) and use these as future vaccination forms instead of the drug vaccine types.

There are other helpful detox methods outlined in my newsletter #6 "A General Detoxification Program for Your Pet". Read my article on Homeopathy and Vaccination Nosode philosophy on my web page.

4. Strengthen your pet's energy fields and physical organs with my Healing Halter™ that balances all the acupuncture meridians and helps to strengthen all organs.

Also give my homeopathic remedy for Total Body Organ Support for Female or Male which ever sex your animal is; also homeopathic remedy for targeted illness --- Diabetes 30c in this case and Liver Spleen Pancreas 30c.

The Total Organ Support and Liver Spleen Pancreas formulas should be given concurrently with detox program and then as daily maintenance therapy. orthomolecular supplements like Advanced Digestive Enzymes, and Kyolic (herbal garlic cleanser of the GI tract), aerobic oxygen 7 are all most helpful.

If your pet has been on antibiotics in the past, there’s a good possibility that all the essential intestinal bacteria necessary for digestion have been killed. Replace with Kyodophilus Trio.

It has been my experience that Diabetes is an imbalance in the energy flows involving the liver, spleen, pancreas and adrenal gland. This has come about from the toxic compounds exposed to and consumed by your animal.

All of this is outlined in my web page in the article "Why do Animals Get Sick" and "Energy Medicine-BluePrint for Glowing Health." There is a good discussion on diet also, "Why Natural Diets? What Do I Feed My Dog and Cat?"

Diabetes Mellitus 1oz brandy dropper bottles

TESTIMONIAL- Diabetes Mellitus in a cat

I spent almost two years using conventional vet  medicine to take care of a very lethargic, completely unresponsive cat diagnosed with very high blood glucose diabetes mellitus values (around 700 according to blood tests); the cat was also missing all the hair (area about 1 inch wide) around the neck with several skin lesions. Around September 2002, I called Dr. Dodd at Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services. We immediately started "Yellow Kitty" on brandy water solutions of homeopathic remedies of: "Diabetes Mellitus 30C formula", the "Detox Heavy Metals Formulas 3 bottle set", Total Male Organ/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C", and "Cool-Seeking Ecsema 30C". By December 2002 ( 4 months later), his diabetes reading had gone down to about 130-250, he was not  constantly drinking water and for the first time in 2 years when I called his name he would actually look focused at me. He used to have a zombie look before, and always staring into blank space. By Jan 2003, "Yellow Kitty" played for the first time in 2 years with a toy and other cats. In February 2003, for the first time,  he began crying for his food at mealtime, which he has continued to do everyday. The hair around the neck area is almost all grown, there are still some clear patches of skin but you can see some thin peach fuzz hair beginning to grow out. All the other skin lesions healed completely and are growing hair. I am very thrilled at the results I have gotten and am now using other remedies from Everglo for other pet needs.        

M Gonzalez  Miami, Fl. 


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