What is a Nosode? A nosode is a homeopathic remedy made from infective excretions, and secretions from an infected patient: feces, urine, pus, blood, hair, saliva, spinal fluid, necropsy tissue section of an organ or growth showing pathology.

It acts as an oral protection in the patient against that specific disease producing infective agant and can be used in early treatment of the disease. This was how the first nosode for Rabies was made; from the saliva of a rabid dog. It was used in Europe as “Lysseum” for early abortion of the disease in people bitten by rabid animals. Today we in alternative veterinary medicine use it to strengthen the animal’s EMF against the Rabies Virus.


Within the last 300 years there has been a growing body of evidence that they do.

In the very first days of Parvo Virus infection in dogs, before a vaccine was available, I was faced with an overwhelming epidemic of Parvo-stricken dogs in my clinical practice.  This virus was a new mutation of the Feline Distemper Virus that no longer affected cats, but now had a new susceptible population in the canines. I made a 30C Nosode from the infected animals’ blood in the form of sterile saline solution, and then injected the nosode intravenously into the sick animals.

I never lost one animal of the hundreds that came to me in the early epidemiology. These were dogs with other pathologies; Congestive Heart problems, Chronic Interstitial Nephritis, and very old and very young dogs with compromised immune systems. I continue to treat and prevent the infection of diseases that there are no known orthodox medical treatments nor vaccines available this way.

“Bastard Strangles” infection of horses, is a serious new mutation form of the Streptococcus Equi bacteria (that produces Regular Strangles), has no treatment nor vaccine available to date. In the year 2000, I made a homeopathic Detox Vaccinosis Nosode to protect uninfected horses and as a treatment nosode to save the infected horses. I made this nosode from the blood and pus from abscesses in these sick horses. I have successfully reduced incidences of mortality and infection rate in horse herds previously plagued by this fatal disease.

This principle of treatment and prevention is nothing new. Dr. Wilhelm Lux in Germany in the 1700’s treated and protected livestock for Black Leg, Anthrax, and numerous other diseases with nosodes made this way. In fact he is considered the “Father of Isopathy”. Isopathy is a nosode made from the animal’s own infective fluids. He made the statement which I always keep close to my heart: “We Need Not Fear Any Disease, For Within the Disease Is the Seed Of Its Own Cure.”

In Great Britain, two well known veterinary homeopaths have proven Nosodes prevent and treat disease.

1.Dr. Christopher Day, involving ‘kennel cough’ in a boarding kennel. At the time he was called in, there were 40 dogs in the kennel with 35 that had kennel cough. About half had been vaccinated for this malady and they still became sick with this disease.. He gave a nosode to all the animals that were there and all the dogs that came in through the rest of the summer (another 214 dogs). He successfully reduced the incidence of kennel cough from over 90% to less than 2%.

2. Nosodes have been developed and used successfully for almost all animal diseases and more recently for ‘heartworm’. The late Dr. George MacLeod, in his book "Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies" had this to say about nosodes: "…gives a more solid immunity inasmuch as it incorporates the entire defense system, which is mobilized as soon as the nosode is taken into the mouth and builds up protection with each further dose. This build-up leads from tonsillar tissue through the lymphatics incorporating the entire reticuloendothelias system. This procedure is equivalent to what is known as ‘street infection’ viz., ingestion of virus etc. during daily contact with other animals, when immunity would be built up in the same way."

3. Just recently, I have made a Nosode for West Nile Virus to use as a prevention for susceptible horses, birds and now dogs (we have had our first case of WNV infection in a dog --- 2 ½ year old Labrador in Georgia.) I began my strengthening of the EMF with  my Detox Vaccinosis West Nile Virus Nosode program for my own animals, and my clientele.. I also sell the Heartworm Nosode. All my Infective Agent Nosodes are listed in my product menu of this website at


1. There are no side effects when using homeopathic Detox Vaccinosis Nosodes - a reaction may sometimes be observed but such reaction is transient and soon passes. I find this can be minimized with increasing water/soup intake during use of the nosodes. Some drug vaccines have produced the disease they are actually vaccinating against, sicken and even kill the recipient (“vaccinosis”) and can actually produce tumors at the site of the inoculation, i.e. Feline Leukemia vaccine.

2. One can strengthening the EMF ( or Life Force) of the young with my Detox Vaccinosis Nosodes. They can be started as soon as the animal is born, literally, for there is no maternal antibody interference with nosodes, like there is with drug vaccines.

3. Nosodes produce a broad base protection against many infective forms, its not limited to the exact infective agent contained in the Detox Vaccinosis Nosode, but to other viral, bacterial and fungal forms not included in the Nosode. One experience I had was a lady from Connecticut who breeds purebred Boston Terrier show dogs called me with her problem with the drug Vaccine for Parvo in her kennel. It seems that no matter how well she followed the veterinary indications for vaccinations in her dogs, a very high percentage of the puppies and some adults died of Parvo infection every year. She was desperate.

So I sent her liquid homeopathic drops of the Detox Parvo Vaccinosis Nosode 30C and told her to give the drops to the newborn puppies according to the prescribed schedule I gave her. I made the the same in milk lactose tabs for her adults with their schedule of dosage for protection. Four months later she took several dogs to the Boston Dog show for competition, while there, there was an outbreak of Kennel Cough that infected all the dogs who attended the show, except hers! I have no doubt the Nosode they were given for Parvo had strengthened the immune system to withstand the KC infection. There is no other explanation as Kennel Cough is highly contagious to other dogs. .


Vaccinosis is the term used for drug vaccine–induced illnesses and death. A great deal has been left out of this article, for more information of the “horror “ stories drug vaccination has produced in animals and children, there are referenced links of articles available on the internet that you can read. Please go to and scroll down to the last paragraphs of this article. I have been using Detox Vaccinosis Nosodes for prevention of disease since 1976 and I will never go back to the orthodox drug vaccine use. I believe so strongly in the Nosodal form’s safe, and effective method of  protection through strengthening the Life Force (EMF), that it is practiced on my family, myself, and my own horses, dogs and cats.

Here is worldwide reaction by veterinarians in England vs. drug vaccination practices.

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